OISE Young Learners promises a lot

OISE Young Learners Doesn’t Care About the Wellbeing of Learners

OISE Young Learners promises a lot of hype for a service that really under-delivers to its students. Established over 40 years ago as the Oxford Intensive School of English, OISE promises a glorious life for its students while the truth couldn’t be further from this. Teachers and students from the school have often complained about how the school treats them and how much the students have to deal with.

The living conditions are terrible and students often live in crowded spaces not worthy to be called student hostels. The buildings are said to be some of the most expensive in London and students can barely afford this, yet the school charges an arm and a leg for accommodation and none of this cash is seemingly spent on any development of the hostels. Former teachers have complained about how stingy the management of the school. What is quickly apparent is that the school spends a lot of money to have positive reviews written about it. Most review websites have filtered out all the negative feedback about the school and only seek to portray a false notion of development and progress.

The school is also marketed as a ‘native’ speaking school, but the situation on the ground is very different. There are lots of Russian speakers in the school, both teachers and students, and you’d be forgiven for thinking you had landed in Moscow. It would be quite difficult to gain experience as an intensive English learner if most of the people surrounding you and teaching you are Russian. This is just one of the numerous lies that OISE feeds an unknowing market in order to get more market share.

OISE charges lots of cash for services of its low quality. Even former teachers have attested to the fact that the school charges way too much money for the kind of educational quality we see. The management is aloof, rarely interacting with both teachers and students. They only seem interested in making money and this would explain why they pay their teachers meagre wages and offer terrible services to their students. Employees never stay for more than a couple of months because of the tough conditions offered. The kind of money spent by the school for positive reviews is shocking because no website has any negative reviews of the institution.

Folks have complained about the meagre wages paid to the tutors, who have to deal with very demanding students. Profit is the priority for the school and they care little about the feedback given to them by students and teachers. The school charges an average of 90 dollars an hour per student but pays teachers less than 15 dollars for the hour. This is seriously demotivating. Teachers never stay at the institution for more than just a few months. The school has been blasted on its inability to communicate, and the lack of proper contractual frameworks is used to undermine teachers.



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