For students to cover attention: concept, objectives and tasks for the diploma work

For students to cover attention: concept, objectives and tasks for the diploma work

The essence and concept associated with the diploma work

Graduation work (diploma work) is the most important stage regarding the process that is educational which completes the training of a highly qualified expert in the area of the planet economy. The planning and protection for the diploma let us identify and assess the student’s theoretical planning for re solving expert dilemmas, their readiness when it comes to main kinds of expert activity – managerial, organizational, economic, information-analytical, project-research, socio-psychological, revolutionary, methodical, consultative and academic. The job ought to be creative, meet with the needs of a logical and clear presentation for the product, evidence and reliability for the facts, mirror the student’s ability to make use of rational ways of looking, picking, processing and information that is systematizing containing original medical findings and / or practical tips. Final certification work (diploma work) must certanly be logically completed and prove the student’s power to precisely express his ideas, to argue the proposals, to easily make use of special financial terminology.

The main goals regarding the diploma work

The key objectives regarding the diploma work are:

  1. 1. Systematization, consolidation and expansion of theoretical and knowledge that is practical of student in direction of “world economy”.
  2. 2. Development of abilities for doing independent work and mastering the investigation methodology in solving particular problems and issues.
  3. 3. Determining the amount of theoretical and practical preparedness associated with pupil for separate work with the specialty and re solving certain practical issues. Prior to the goals set, the student along the way of performing the final qualifying work must solve the difficulties.

The primary tasks associated with diploma work

  1. 1. To substantiate the relevance of the selected subject, its value and importance for learning the procedures place that is taking the national and globe economy. Determine the purpose and goals of the qualifying work that is final. Show ownership regarding the culture of reasoning, the capacity to perceive, generalize and analysis that is economic of, setting goals and selecting approaches to achieve it.
  2. 2. Determine the niche, method and object of research. To show your talent logically precisely, to argue and plainly build oral and written speech, in addition to learning the strategy of quantitative analysis and modeling, theoretical and research that is experimental.
  3. 3. To study theoretical conditions, normative, methodological paperwork, analytical materials, guide and scientific literature on a selected topic.
  4. 4. To find the theme of this last qualifying work as well as the enterprise on such basis as that your work would be written. Make an agenda of work, coordinate it because of the scientific manager, finish the assignment for the thesis work.
  5. 5. Demonstrate the capacity to diagnose and analyze problems that are socio-economic processes when you look at the organization. To review the material, technical and socio-economic conditions of production additionally the nature of these impact on the change in technical, economic and social performance indicators and the management situation in an organization that is particular.
  6. 6. To convey your point of look at discussion issues associated with the subject.
  7. 7. When collecting the necessary material that is factual indicate the mastery of fundamental techniques, ways and way of getting, saving and processing information, having computer skills as a way of data management, the capacity to make use of information in global computer sites and corporate information systems.
  8. 8. Review the gathered information utilizing appropriate ways of processing and analyzing information. Show the current presence of a sense of the part and need for information and I. t within the growth of modern society together with knowledge economy.
  9. 9. In line with the analysis done, draw conclusions and develop tips about improving the effectiveness regarding the personnel management system of this organization in the issue considered into the qualifying work that is final.
  10. 10. Economically justify the proposed administration decisions and determine their socio-economic efficiency.

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